HyperLaw Litigation

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What is HyperLaw Litigation?

HyperLaw Litigation is an innovative cloud-based legal software that enables litigating solicitors to prepare and build cases more efficiently, resulting in significantly reducing the time and resource needed to deliver high quality client advice.

We recognise litigating solicitors are overloaded with documents, whether in paper or digital forms. There are often various systems to support them, but no tools for the high value intellectual part of their work: analysing the case, building the strategy and assessing win probability. This results in wasted billable hours, longer than necessary turnaround times and possibly even missed case insights – all of which equals less value for both the firm and the client.

With HyperLaw Litigation, law firms can drive greater levels of efficiency, increase fee earner and law firm profitability and improve client outcomes.

Collect Easily

Collect, prepare and build any data source into one immediately available digital client case file.

Import documents from virtually anywhere by simply dragging and dropping files into HyperLaw Litigation:

  • Documents from any other external systems such as case management systems or applications.
  • Client documents and documents from the other side.
  • Emails, PDFs, Images and Microsoft Documents.
  • Paper documents – lever arch files.
  • Discovery or evidence data.
  • Structured or unstructured data.
  • Do this all in minutes, not hours.

Work Smart

Once uploaded, the digital client case file is immediately available to work on – fully editable content at your fingertips. Build, manage and review a litigation case in teams or solo, and you only work the content once – this produces outstanding efficiency savings.

  • No paper whatsoever – work completely paperless and eco-friendly.
  • On-board new cases and clients quickly.
  • Be up and running fast – collaborate easily anywhere in the world.
  • Input case events and synchronise them with your Outlook calendar.
  • Utilise digital tools to highlight, tag and annotate any case content.
  • Effortlessly tag key issues and collect all supporting or opposing evidence to build your case.
  • Easily produce notes, append issues and create review points to any case.
  • Utilise smart enterprise search tools to enable full content scanning.
  • Ensure full compliance and client file review – the review dashboard gives you an instant snapshot of fees, work in progress, costs to complete the case and a risk management assessment.
  • Share cases seamlessly with team members, clients, counsel, third parties or expert witnesses.

Report Fast

Everything in HyperLaw Litigation has been optimised to save every last professional and administrative second. Fast output is critical for client service.

  • Build working papers ultra-quick in PowerGen.
  • Anything you have done in HyperLaw Litigation is available to report on – without any further manipulation required.
  • Cut, copy, paste and move work content effortlessly between Microsoft Word, PDF or Plain Text.
  • Assemble client advice or litigation documents rapidly.
  • Build and submit instructions to counsel, together with any supporting bundles at the press of a button.
  • Easily export selected items in your client case file anywhere you want – retain all the original working documents used as a single source of the truth.
  • Share it all with anyone anywhere in the world.

Key Features

Drag and drop

Upload case content to HyperLaw by dragging and dropping files. Once uploaded, work on the case immediately.

Cutting-edge tools

Utilise cutting-edge tools to highlight, tag, annotate, note issues and create review points.

Digital timeline of events

Obtain a bird's-eye view of all activity and events within an entire case, without the need to even read a single page.

Powerful search

Utilise smart enterprise search tools to enable full content scanning - source key information much faster than before.


Build working papers, client advice, instructions to counsel and litigation documents rapidly in PowerGen.

Easily produce bundles

Quickly create bundles that are automatically indexed, paginated and hyperlinked in a matter of minutes.


Export selected items in your case file for storage or to share with counsel.
On average, our customers can save up to 30% on costs by using HyperLaw. See how much you could save…
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