Why Should Solicitors and Barristers Embrace Technology?

The adoption of technology has been a driver for increasing workplace efficiency, enhanced profitability, providing cost savings and delivering improved legal outcomes. However, the Legal Profession is somewhat behind the curve when it comes to utilising technology and therefore, does not secure the benefits that are obtained within other Professional Services.

A tool the legal profession have never had before, enabling Solicitors and Barristers to gain a real competitive advantage has finally been introduced to the legal market. Start Collecting Easily, Working Smart and Reporting Fast with cutting edge technology called HyperLaw.

Collect Easily

Instantly collect, access and build any data source into one digital client working file

HyperLaw is a cloud-based platform that enables Solicitors and Barristers to upload all content into one digital case file. Upload data from virtually anywhere and begin working on it immediately. HyperLaw sits above all your existing systems.

With HyperLaw you can ingest data from any source:

•   Paper – lever arch files

•   Emails, PDF’s, Microsoft Documents

•   Any other external systems and applications

•   In minutes – not hours. 

Work Smart

Fully editable content at your fingertips

Once a digital working file is uploaded to HyperLaw, you can immediately start utilising cutting-edge tag and annotate tools to build a case or representation. Use our unrivalled enterprise search technology to append any highlights, issues, supporting or opposing points and notes to content in a digital working file.

Our platform provides you with tools from the outset and all in one place – saving you time and contributing to substantial workflow efficiency gains.

 Save up to 30% of your time – Easily unlock data and build a case or representation papers

Accessing data quickly is at the heart of HyperLaw, you no longer have to waste time searching and sifting through masses of paper, as everything can be found at the click of a button.  We provide you with the ability to construct effective and more informed decisions, which in turn provides your client with a greater probability of legal success and significantly improved client service every time.

Not only this, time savings achieved from HyperLaw can be invested into delivering greater profitability and providing better practice management. You may even find yourself wanting to make the most of your time savings by taking additional holiday’s!

It is your choice on how you want to invest your time savings, we just deliver the benefits.

Reduce the risk of human error

Decreasing the risk of human error is a must for any industry or individual. Legal professionals utilising technology are at an advantage when compared to their peers who choose to neglect it. Technology enables you to actively contribute to reducing human error in any legal advice provided to your client or in the delivery of legal representation both pre and post court.

The outcome of deploying technology such as HyperLaw is better, faster and more efficient legal workflow that give you and your client better chance of success on every occasion.


Imagine walking into a courtroom with just your laptop and no more bankers boxes filled with lever arch files, surely that is appealing? Or what about having the ability to work entirely paperless, anywhere in the world, at any time of the day?

It’s a ‘no brainer’ to us and it is a vision that we have for the legal profession.

One of our users, an Intellectual Property specialist, recently presented an insolvency case regarding a company suing a bank for compensation, which involved loss of earnings and personal damages on a mis-sold promise. HyperLaw was used as part of this case and was utilised to load 24 lever arch files, including a range of data – paper, emails, word documents and pdf’s. Once uploaded, the 24 lever arch files were immediately available in HyperLaw and could be accessed in a matter of seconds, by either searching for a particular page or issue, or by simply navigating through the table of contents. The Solicitor and Barrister using HyperLaw demonstrated that legal professionals who embrace HyperLaw can source information much faster than the other side, who in this case were reluctant to utilise technology. It is rather staggering when you witness the difference first-hand and can see the substantial advantage that a Solicitor and Barrister using HyperLaw have at winning any case for a client. The difference in efficiency was astounding between the two sides, technology clearly has it’s place not only in Professional Practice but also in the courtroom.

All it requires is access to a browser and away you go.

Cost savings

Paperless working is slowly, but surely becoming more popular among law firms as they seek to release time, significantly improve profitability, increase workplace efficiency and focus on delivering higher quality legal advice and client service.

Platforms designed for the legal market such as case management systems are widely recognised, adopted by many firms and take much of the ‘paperless’ headlines. Yet, a platform designed to optimise your day to day workflow and ‘legal thinking’, is what the legal market is significantly missing. Having the capability to incorporate relevant documents from multiple different systems into one unified platform is the revolution that has been long-awaited for the legal market. 

This is where HyperLaw comes in!

HyperLaw delivers huge cost savings, mainly through slashing your Law Firm’s or Counsel Chambers’ printing, courier and storage costs. It provides ease of access to legal content in a safe and secure online environment, enabling Solicitors and Barristers to access, build, edit and share via a single collaborative workspace.

 Report Fast

Reduce repetition

Producing outputs and in particular document assembly can often be a repetitive task for many Solicitors and Barristers. Therefore, one goal that we set out when building HyperLaw was to ask ourselves,

How can we eliminate repetition and duplication?”

HyperLaw overcomes the issue of workflow repetition as Solicitors and Barristers can now effortlessly export selected tags and annotations made in a digital working file into any working paper. This is a significant part of our platform and it importantly contributes to some pretty outstanding time and resource savings. Never work on content twice, just work on it once and then seamlessly insert it into any output you wish to produce in any format.


On average, our customers can save up to 30% on costs by using HyperLaw. See how much you could save…
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