HyperLaw Secure 'Start-up of the Week' Award by European Legal Group Dutch Legal Tech

HyperLaw are delighted to announce they have been awarded ‘Start-up of the Week’ by European legal group Dutch Legal Tech, who currently are in partnership with the leading full-service law firm Kennedy Van der Laan (KVdL) and KVdL Sync. The founders of Dutch Legal Tech, Jeroen Zweers and Jelle van Veenen are employees of the full-service law firm situated in the Netherlands and are passionate Legal Tech Innovators who constantly promote the adoption of technology in legal services across the world. Their role at Dutch Legal Tech is all about shaping change in the legal market, inviting innovators to talk about their work to an audience of lawyers, entrepreneurs, academics, service providers and government agencies. They also host a range of Legal Tech Student Meetups where they aim to inspire and connect with the next generation of up and coming lawyers. That aside, they recently launched a new entity called KVdL Sync aimed at helping optimise the work processes of in-house legal departments by combining their high-end legal expertise with knowledge of in-house legal processes and IT.

Jeroen Zweers, an Innovation Director at KVdL, Director at KVdL Sync and a Top 10 European Legal Innovator according to the Financial Times was fundamental in the decision to award HyperLaw ‘Start-up of the Week’ alongside other Dutch Legal Tech founder Jelle van Veenen, a Legal Service Designer at KVdL. To be recognised outside of the United Kingdom for our commitment to providing cutting-edge legal technology to the legal market is absolutely incredible and something we are enormously proud of. It is a testament to all the hard work from all our employees and we look forward to definitely enjoying more success.

You can read more about our latest award in Dutch Legal Tech’s latest Dutch Legal Tech Update – Issue 91

Exciting times are ahead!

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