Ben Completes CX Professional Masterclass

HyperLaw is delighted to announce that Ben Washburn has successfully completed the CX Professional Masterclass delivered by world renowned Customer Experience Specialist Ian Golding, on behalf of the Customer Experience Magazine.

The two-day intense course dives into all aspects relating to Customer Experience and sheds light on how to apply it effectively in your business. For instance, you gain valuable insight in how to implement a Customer Experience strategy, how to create a Customer Experience culture, how to improve Customer Experience in your business and most importantly how to map customer journeys so that a consistent and lasting experience can be provided to each and every customer at every step in the customer journey.

We view our customers as the heart of our business and we take immense pride in always trying to provide them with a consistent and lasting experience no matter what stage they are at in the customer journey. Completing this course furthers Ben’s skills and knowledge in Customer Experience and we look forward to seeing him implement this in our business moving forward.

Mike Washburn, Managing Director at HyperLaw commented on Ben’s latest achievement:

This is fantastic news, and evidence of the positive motivation we have as a Business to provide all our customers with the very best experience that we can possibly give them.

It is a primary objective of our Company to be the number 1 provider of Legal Technology services in the Intelligent Case preparation market – and one of the ways we will deliver this is through the relationships and value that we build with all our Customers and partners. Customers are the reason we exist and they deserve outstanding service first time every time.

Great work Ben, we are just at the start of our CX journey but I look forward very much to the future.

Mike Washburn, Managing Director

Ben Washburn, Customer Experience Manager at HyperLaw commented on the course:

I thoroughly enjoyed the two days I spent at the CX masterclass. It is extremely eye opening and refreshing to see the true power it can have when a business puts customers at the heart of everything they do. Customer Experience is the most important foundation for any successful business, and I look forward to implementing those philosophies at HyperLaw.

Ben Washburn, Customer Experience Manager

Congratulations Ben on behalf of everyone at HyperLaw!

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